Our History

Where it All started...

The iconic pond nestled in the heart of Pasir Ris Town Park is no stranger to many Singaporeans and fishing enthusiasts alike. However, do you know about the rich history behind it?

Covering a whopping 5 hectares including the Park, the pond has served a multitude of purposes. From a mine lake, it became part of the’Golden Palace Holiday Resort’in 1967 to a fish fry research and development centre after.It is indeed no wonder that the pond remained a hotspot for many.

1989 remains a significant year for the pond, the year National Parks Board put the pond up for tender and build Singapore’s first ever seawater pond. More impressively, the angling pond is Southeast Asia’s biggest seawater pay pond.

It comes with no surprise that anglers love heading over to the pond for a smashing good time! During 2014, in bid to rejuvenate the pond’s facilities, the pond underwent a major revamp and was reintro-duced to the public as D’Best Recreation on National Day in the same year.

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